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Hi Randy,

Very curious as to how The Fish Elevator worked for you now that you've had it for a season?

Thank You,

Joel Taylor

The Fish Elevator LLC



Thanks for the follow up. The Fish Elevators worked great! As long as I got the fish to the hole, the Fish Elevator
kept me from losing even one single fish!

My buddies benefited from the Fish Elevators I bought too. All of them loved the Fish Elevators, but were too
cheap to go online and buy them, so many times, if they had a good fish on, I would quickly take one of my
Elevators out of the hole, run over to their hole, drop it down and make sure they didn’t lose their fish.

We fished a tournament in Evanston, WY last year and one of my buddies caught a brown trout that won him a few
hundred dollars that day. Boy was he glad that I had run over to his hole with my Fish Elevator, because as soon
as the fish’s head came out of the water, he came off the hook and would have been lost back down the hole for
certain, EXCEPT that is, for the Fish Elevator!

I won’t leave the house to go ice fishing without my Fish Elevators now. A lot of my buddies have tried to fashion
up imitations (even though they probably spent more on parts than on ordering the real thing) and none of them
have ever worked worth a darn. I just sit and laugh as I haul in another fish, thinking to myself that my Fish
Elevators were the best $50.00 (since I bought 2, one for each hole) I have spent in a long time.

Take care,

Randy Bingham


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Wow, you are the first follow up I have done and can't tell you how pleased I am that you like The Fish Elevator. It
seems people are so skeptical of a new idea now a days but this is so simple I can't believe the lack of sales. I
have to do some more follow ups, I've sold hundreds with no complaints.

I'd be glad to send you a couple free bees if I can quote you to spur sales.

If  you would be interested in that what sizes would you like? Interested in a shorter handle for portable shack on
thinner ice?

Just curious, how much ice do you get out there? Probably more than here in Wisconsin lately......

Thanks Again,

Joel Taylor

Subject: RE: These Things Are Awesome!
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 15:25:27 -0700
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To: "JOEL TAYLOR" <joel@thefishelevator.com>


No need to send me any freebies, of course you can quote any of my emails. I always like to see an enterprising
guy succeed, especially when the product is this good.

I honestly can’t believe that anyone who finds your website, or sees your product in a store, can resist snatching
one or two up right away. I would think sales would be booming. The only thing I can figure, from the experience I
had with my buddies when they saw it, is that it looks so simple that they figure they can surely fashion up their
own Fish Elevator for next to nothing, and do not want to spend the $25.00. All I can say is that I have yet to see
one of their contraptions actually work on the ice.

Who knows how many hours and how much money they have spent trying to replicate the Fish Elevator and, in the
meantime, I have watched them lose countless good fish at the hole when I wasn’t able to get to them in time with
MY Fish Elevator. I guess some guys just never learn. I will still try to convince them to break down and buy their
own Fish Elevators again this season though.

I do have a question though… where do you find your PVC pipe in large enough diameter to set up your tube rigs
for your ice huts, etc. I have had a heck of a time finding any to buy or anything that will work for me. Do you have
an online source somewhere?

As far as the ice thickness, we had a pretty good stretch of cold and calm weather last year that made close to 24”
or so of good hard, clear ice at its thickest point. I hope we get the same this year. I think I love my ice fishing more
than any other outdoor sport there is and I can’t wait for the cold to come and freeze the lake over!

Take care and here’s to freezing cold weather!

Randy Bingham

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Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 00:31:30 -0500
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To: "JOEL TAYLOR" <joel@thefishelevator.com>
Subject: Re: The Fish Elevator
   JOEL TAYLOR wrote:
Hi Michael,

Very curious as to how The Fish Elevator worked for you now that you've had it for a season?

Thank You,

Joel Taylor
The Fish Elevator LLC

I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

   Since I am handicapped I lost quite a few fish at the hole. When I saw your Fish Elevator I thought I had found
the answer to the problem and I was right. I used my two Fish Elevators all of last year and never lost a fish. In the
shack, on the ice or from he car once I got a fish to the hole I could hold it there Until I could successfully land it.
You have a good product that works better than I expected.

   In the late season when the ice got really thick I would have liked to had a longer handle. do you still offer them?

Mike Coltas of Stittsville Ontario was the second guy to
reply. He's a lucky guy up in Canada that takes his
fishing so serious his dogs retrieve walleyes!